GreenWorks 22122

A powerful connection that comes along with the great motor, as well as the features that enhance the productivity of the electric hedge trimmer, will increase your working in a much better manner. It will also give less amount vibration along with the comfort that is offered with the design.

The Features

The cord lock will be full of safety measures. It will improve and prevent the unplugging of the cord in a much better manner. The cord lock will be very convenient. The rotating of the innovative rear handle will be very good in case of adjusting the balance of the trimmer.

The steel blade will come with the feature of the cutting in the much defined manner. The cutting of the hedge trimmer will be done in a very perfect manner. It will enhance all the perfection as well as also increase all kinds of working in a much better way. The electric motor of the product will be having all kind of the features that will increase the power. The efficiency of the hedge trimmer will be increased (read  more:

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Embassy Pool 5-2047-022 Automatic Pool Vacuum is a programmed vacuum for swimming pools created to clean any covered level bottom part that is above the ground or for use in a regularly used swimming pool. The vacuum has a widespread skimmer that can be used for different sections of the pool taking a variety of designs. The pool vacuum is commonly used for the above the ground swimming pools. The pool is easy to operate since only a few settings that are made before you can have it start working. Read More →



Start using beetroot as soon as the ’roots’ are large enough. This vegetable can tend to turn tough and stringy if left to stand too long through the winter months. It’s always best to eat beetroot young and full of flavour, even if this means getting less bulk from each plant. Read More →


The wallpaper, Alpaca in Granite from Hertex, adds texture while the striking mirror from SHF makes an effective focal point in the living room.

A comfortable outdoor sofa and Individual chairs from Mobelli furnish the covered patio. A textured outdoor rug, also from Mobelli, completes the look. Read More →