Most Lightweight Hedge Trimmers

In the garden and garden area summer residents use various tools and mechanisms. To successfully care for lawn grass, in time to cut off shoots of fruit trees and shrubs, stems of dried plants, requires a special cutting tool – garden shears. The tool consists of two blades with a swivel joint, handles and a spring clip. There are several varieties of this tool. Differences can be in design solutions, scope and in the type of drive.

Modifications of garden shears

Mechanical garden shears are used in the following types of work:

  • care for the flower bed (pruning dried flowers pions, roses, chamomiles and other flowers);
  • сutting of saplings around trees and shrubs;
  • the creation of a hedge and other elements of landscape design;
  • for cutting grass and lawns.

Modifications of garden shears

Depending on the type of work, you need a tool with a different cutting surface and types of handle. For lawn, grass mowing and hedges are used standard scissors with straight sharpening. Models with jagged edges of blades retain sharpness longer. They are recommended to trim excess young shoots in the crowns of trees and shrubs, young shoots, as well as stems of dried up tall grass. Scissors do not slip and do a good job with the task. They prefer to use them for grass and bushes.

Some models are equipped with elongated handles. They can be used for cutting without tilting down and without the use of a ladder at the top. There are tools with telescopic handles, convenient for cutting in hard-to-reach places.

A separate type of garden shears is called a pruner, which is most often used in pruning shrubs and crowns of trees. A convenient addition to this tool was the ratchet mechanism, which allows you to distribute the forces when cutting the formed tree shoots from the wines of the yogurt, for example.

The considered garden tool is divided into the following categories:

  • manual, they are also mechanical scissors;
  • electronic shears for grass, powered by a battery.

Hand tools for lawn care

For lawn care large areas use a lawn mower or lightweight trimmer. But these machines can not reach some difficult places, and mechanical scissors are useful here.

Knives of cutting tools are made of tool or stainless steel, and the handles can be metal, plastic or combined. Blades of more expensive models for protection from contamination are supplied with Teflon coating. Angle of rotation of blades for different models can be 90 or 180 degrees.,

Most models are equipped with clearance adjustment functions, fixing the blade mechanism (lock).

Advantage of electric models

Advantage of electric models

The electric models are very popular among summer residents. These battery-powered scissors are outwardly similar to hair trimmer, only the horizontally disposed blades are larger. The task to shear grass battery scissors perform faster than hand-held analogs. In this case, the summer resident does not have to put special physical efforts.

The performance of battery lawn scissors is higher than that of a mechanical analog. Sturdy steel blades with diamond sharpening perfectly cope with stiff grass stems and thickets of bushes and trees. If the lawn area is small, there is no need for an electric or gasoline lawn mower, trimmer. The work with this tool does not require special preparation.