Hedge trimmers & Hedge Cutters, Gas and Electric Cordless

Garden scissors – an invariable attribute of any gardener. But at the same time this tool has several types, which differ in their action, material characteristics and appearance. Each specific type is intended for use under certain conditions. Also you will be interested in information on how to select and use the pruner for pruning tall trees.

What are hedge trimmers used for? How to use?

Garden shears have another name – secateurs. They are used to cut thick branches and shoots. With their help, the trees, bushes, and grapes are taken care of.

There is a standard secateurs from a number of parts:

  • Handles;
  • The castle;
  • Bolts and nuts;
  • Springs;
  • Support blade;
  • Working blade.

It is the working blade that makes it possible to achieve good cutting ability. The corners of the instrument are very sharp, so that the plant tissues are cut without splitting. The supporting blade is always slightly curved to reduce friction, and it is also better to grab the shoot and hold it in the cutting process. On it there is a special groove, along which flows the vegetable juice. The spring in the mechanism allows to return the tool to the opened state.

Also you can be interested in information about how to look and how to use cordless garden shears.

The buffer is responsible for limiting the progress of the handles during the operation of the scissors, and the lock secures the secateur in the closed state. Handles are made of materials that prevent rubbing of calluses while working with the tool.

Garden scissors are large and small. Large ones are used to care for bushes and tall trees, and small ones are used for grass and bushes. But there is also a division into other types according to the principle of the work of the instrument.

Types of hedge trimmers

Types of brush cutters

In general, the following types of garden shears are used, which are used in horticulture, landscape design and other situations, when ennobling of plants of different types is required:

  • With an anvil. It is ideal to use them for cutting dry branches. They allow the design to reduce the load on the hand, which allows you to handle more trees and bushes.
  • With ratchet. It can be used for cutting any branches, including thick or young shoots, flowers and twigs.
  • Shrubs have long handles, which makes them comfortable when processing bushes. Thanks to the handles, the applied force is reduced during operation, and therefore they can cut branches up to 5 cm in thickness.
  • Scissors are used to care for tall trees and shrubs. Long handles ensure the availability of high branches.
  • Electric garden shears are designed for professional work with plants. They allow in a short time to process a large number of shrubs, trees without the application of physical effort from the person.
  • Cordless scissors work on the principle of electrical, but they have their own nutrient element. Accordingly, with their help you can work without binding to the electrical network.

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