6 Best Hedge Trimmers of 2018

Any owner of a private house sooner or later faces the need to select garden shears. They are necessary for pruning trees or ornamental bushes to give them a well-groomed appearance. In this case, it is very important not to get confused by the variety of choices and to choose exactly the version of garden scissors that is most suitable in your case. In this article, we will look at all possible variants of garden shears and tell you which of the tasks best suits one or another species.

Types of garden shears

The market currently has a rich selection of mechanical, gasoline and electric garden shears, like this one http://www.bigtrainstation.com/2016/08/11/greenworks-22122-electric-hedge-trimmer-review/.

Mechanical types include both garden shears themselves, and pruners and cutters. Mechanically, the garden shears are suitable for pruning foliage, needles and young thin twigs.

Secateurs, in turn, are also divided into two types – stubborn and two-blade.

Two-edge pruners can be used for pruning branches with a diameter of not more than two centimeters, the stubborn ones are suitable for cutting thicker branches, the diameter of which can reach four centimeters. When selecting this tool, pay attention to the presence of a shock absorber on the upper handle, which will greatly facilitate the process of cutting.

Special trimmings are used to trim branches up to five centimeters in diameter. The main part of this tool are the knobs, or rather their length – the longer, the better.

In general, any of these types of mechanical scissors will perfectly cope with small areas of plants, but to care for large areas it is best to give preference to electric or gasoline garden shears. Electric models of hedge trimmers, in turn, are divided into network and battery.

Electric shears for shearing bushes

Electric shears for shearing bushes

Much faster to put in order your plants can be using electric hedge trimmers. They are much more convenient to use than mechanical soda scissors, but, at the same time, require not so much attention as gasoline. Moreover, they cost much less than models refueling with gasoline. True, here it is worth noting that their power is slightly less than that of gasoline hedge trimmers.

Electric hedge trimmers are divided into battery and mains. When choosing the latter, it is necessary to rely on the distance from the net to the plants, since the length of the electric hedge trimmer cord does not exceed 30 meters. However, not only the specific length of the cord is a minus of this kind of brush cutter, but also the fact that it is unsafe to use electric garden shears with power from the network.

This is due to the fact that for a long cord you can catch your feet or you can accidentally use the hedge trimmer to hook on the cord. Work with an electric brush cutter will always be associated with the danger of contact with the current, and in case of rain, it is undesirable to work with this tool.

Another thing is electric garden shears, working on battery power. They are convenient and with their help you can cut off plants located far from home and electricity. Scissors for cutting the bushes battery are perfect if the plants for which such care is required are few. First of all, this is due to the fact that the battery charge lasts only for 40 minutes of operation and this is subject to an absolutely clean cutting part of the brush cutter. If the blades are clogged, then the battery will be discharged faster.