Home design can be a tricky business. Trends change, so a look that might have been perfect a few years ago can soon end up looking boring. The best approach is to consciously try not to keep up with the popular fads of the time and go for a more timeless look instead like a country kitchen.

This style generates a cosy and warm atmosphere in one of the busiest spaces in the house, and elevates it far above what might otherwise be a fairly generic and unremarkable room.

Evoking memories of the past can create a classic feel and ensures your home never looks out of date, so what steps can you take to transform your kitchen in this way?

Install Wood Flooring


Flooring is one of the most crucial aspects of a kitchen. After all, this room is going to be used every day when you’re preparing and cooking meals, so it needs to be durable and able to cope with spillages and other mishaps.

However, when you’re designing a country-style kitchen, the aesthetic value of the floor is just as important, as you’ll be trying to create a certain vibe and ambience. A dazzling array of flooring options are currently available, such as stone, tiles, laminate flooring and vinyl, with almost every taste catered for.

With this in mind, picking the right one can seem quite a daunting task. But just ask yourself what you would associate with a country-style kitchen. It certainly won’t be bright primary colours, so wood flooring might be the choice for you. It looks and feels authentic, creating a rustic atmosphere and a feeling of getting close to nature.

Pick the right colours

Once you’ve picked the flooring, you’ll want to pick a colour scheme that both complements and enhances it. Shades and hues that evoke a sense of nature in a country-style kitchen are perfect, so you might prefer something quite subdued and earthy.

Yet many of the world’s natural wonders boast bold primary colours, such as blue, red and pink, so you do have the option to experiment with some of these. You only want your wood floor to set the tone for your room up to a certain point, so if you make the entire kitchen match precisely in terms of colour, then the flooring might lose its impact. However, picking some contrasting colours for the walls and kitchen units can bring the whole thing to life, with each bringing out the best in the other.

Choose old-fashioned accessories


The finishing touches can often be the key to creating an authentic country-style atmosphere in a kitchen. So if this is the look you want to produce, you don’t need to hunt around for state-of-the-art appliances and storage options. Indeed, traditional scales, old-fashioned wine racks, vintage looking pots and hanging racks can be just what you need to create the ambience of a rustic country kitchen.

Of course, you can still include modern home comforts such as dishwashers and microwaves – remember, it’s still a working household and not a museum. But just a few aesthetic nods to the past can go a long way towards creating a timeless-looking kitchen that will be both practical and attractive for many years to come.

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