The United States Parcel Service (UPS) commenced in 1907, Seattle, Washington as a service that renders bike messenger. With time it became to evolve as a billionaire corporation like it currently is. The brown uniforms easily make the UPS drivers recognized.

On this corporation, drivers that deliver packages on full -time, seasonal, temporary and part-time basis are hired. The UPS drivers work only on Monday—Friday though, during the peak seasons on weekends, they might find it necessary to work. Currently speaking, UPS has been rated as world’s largest service that deals with package delivery.

UPS offers package delivering services to over 200 countries. It relies on its airline in the expedition of package deliveries. For the festive Christmas seasons, there is the hiring of the Additional staff because the packages increase thus extra efforts have to be chipped in. in addition, the UPS gets to hire semi-permanent driver assistants to aid drivers to Christmas from the beautiful Thanksgiving.

These hired semi-permanent assistant drivers help those UPS drivers in delivering as well as organizing the packages. This they do from their vehicles to the door of their customers.

Description of the Job

As earlier discussed, the duty of the semi-permanent UPS driver assistant is to aid the UPS permanent driver on delivery routes. The assistant driver works conjointly with the main driver in package delivery expeditions to the customers from the vehicle.

Normally the packages are always organized for the purpose of delivering them, that’s within the truck. This is done as the assistant hurriedly delivers the package to the required customer. As the assistant driver is delivering customer’s package, the permanent driver meanwhile is busy readying the new other packages to deliver it.

Then the assistant returns to the package delivery service vehicle. However, the golden rule here is that these temporary driver assistants are not at all supposed to drive the truck or vehicle at any cost.


Basic fundamental Requirements

Education requirements are not required for you to be a UPS handler or driver. As a matter of fact, most of the handlers are normally college students that seek part-time jobs. Nonetheless, should your aim be in moving up as well as being a driver in acquiring an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering field it will be very good because you possess basic skills and knowledge.

So, how to become driver? For one to be a driver of the UPS package deliveries, he or she is supposed to pass successfully the physical exam of the Department of Transportation (DOT). Upon which those applicants that are qualified are supposed to have a driver’s license that’s government -valid.

They should also have the ability to operate a vehicle that’s equipped with manual transmission which is standard. Other positions have additional qualification requirements, for instance, a commercial driving license either certifications of Department of Transportation (“Doubles or “Hazmat”) or (A / B).

The drivers should always wear the company’s uniform that he or she was provided with and be compliant with the UPS guidelines. The position of UPS driver involves regular physical actions. This could be in form of lowering, lifting and even carrying parcels that have a general weight of 25- 35 lbs, though others could even have a weight of 70 lbs.

This UPS corporation normally hires people from within. This simply implies that you can escalate from a position to another position. If you are a handler and you industrially hardworking you can be instantly promoted to be a driver.

The process of Application for the Job

All one has to do to apply for this job is to look for job positions that are open package delivery based on the section of Career of the Company’s UPS website. Upon which you’re supposed to create an online profile in

This is in the purpose of job seeking with UPS. Your job application could be more successful on peak delivering seasons due to the wide availability of driver jobs both on a full time or part-time basis.

 Driver salary

In regard to salary survey, the hourly rate nationally for the UPS drivers per hour is in between $26 – $30 (UPS Average Salary). This was as of October 2014. However, over recent survey shows that a UPS basic driver salary can range between $15 – $36. This is according to an estimation of 135 UPS base. During the bonus factoring as well as additional compensation, a UPS driver annually should expect a total salary of $63,000.

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