Some of the problems that can face a consumer interested in buying an air compressor by itself are: what features to look for? What are the experiences of other customers who have bought it? What factors are involved in your performance? Or what kind of usage work best?

As we know how tedious it could be to choose it by yourself we have moved ahead and we have created a guide where we will briefly explain the features and reviews of what is currently one of the Top Rated Air Compressors in the 2017 market: the Makita Mac2400. This is one of the most quality portable air compressors in comparison to others and then we explain why.

Makita Mac2400

The features:

Performance: The Makita 2.5HP Air Compressor comes with a cylinder with larger diameter and Makita Big Bore pump piston for better output performance with 2 nails, makes no noise making it ideal for better performance at the site. work. You will obtain excellent results due to its great power and also an improved durability that will allow better work under difficult conditions.

Design: The Mac2400 is carefully designed to provide greater performance and less maintenance, offering improved industrial power. The MAC2400 is an exponent of the innovative technology and engineering (Big Bore) that Makita has to offer.

Convenience: Includes a strategically located oil drain and oil sight for easy access and maintenance. Reducing AMP reduces the risk of tripped switches making it much safer. It operates at a very low RPM (1720) compared to others, which will be reflected in a longer pump and engine life.



  • There is hardly any noise: many users have been shocked when the compressor is running for this advantage. The rubber supports help to reduce the transmission of vibrations.
  • There are no leaks: it retains its air pressure when it is off
  • Ingenious air filter: you can run the compressor in any environment because your filter was designed to work in the middle of construction dust, this is a great advantage.
  • Compact design: the compressor is designed to protect everything inside it so there will be no lines or cables out of it.


According to 5% of consumers, poor packaging of the compressor has resulted in the loss of or damage to parts during shipment. On the other hand, 10% say that it is very heavy compared to other compressors. Also, depending on your application many customers have concluded that the capacity of the tank is insufficient, so you have to do the recharging constantly.


The Makita MAC2400 air compressor is a product worth every penny invested in it. It is a compressor that offers a great performance in diverse work environments; its stillness and efficiency provide better results and better comfort.

Maintenance of the unit is very simple due to its external indicators that show the level of oil in it; so you know when to recharge on time. The materials with which it is built prevent external damage and promise a longer product life.

Knowing all this, this compressor is a great competition for its class and price as it offers a product of excellent quality and performance for its power and its development in the work area.

Quick Review of the Makita MAC 2400 air compressor.

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