Embassy Pool 5-2047-022 Automatic Pool Vacuum is a programmed vacuum for swimming pools created to clean any covered level bottom part that is above the ground or for use in a regularly used swimming pool. The vacuum has a widespread skimmer that can be used for different sections of the pool taking a variety of designs. The pool vacuum is commonly used for the above the ground swimming pools. The pool is easy to operate since only a few settings that are made before you can have it start working.

The pool vacuum is known for its outstanding features. First, the skimmer is universal; it can be used onpool-cleaning different types of pools. As such, if one has more than one pools the vacuum can be used for both. The skimmer is made a way that allows adjustments to be made on it to suit different parts and types of the pool. Secondly, the vacuum needs not specialized skills to install and operate; it is easy to use. The feature makes it friendly to all many people since there is not fear for wrong connection and associated problems. It is thus timesaving and has a low rate of breakage. Besides, the vacuum has a universal design. It is not specific to a particular design of pools –a feature that makes it useful for all pool types.

Some factors can guide one to purchase the best pool vacuums. To begin with, consider the size of your pool. A large pool has more water as compared to the smaller ones. As such, they will require more work to be done before the whole pool can be clean and ready for use. Consequently, a more powerful pool vacuum will be more applicable than the less powerful. If a small, low-powered, vacuum is used, it will take more time thus may not be efficient in the cleaning process.

The other thing to consider is the amount and size of debris to be cleaned. Based on the location, type of use and other factors, you can easily tell the average amount of dirt to be removed every time you set for cleaning. Some vacuums have bigger capacities than others do. Go for the vacuum that will adequate to meet your pool cleaning needs. Also, take into account how the vacuum collects the debris. Some have disposable bags while others have cartridges. The cost of maintaining the two types will be different.

Nevertheless, consider the maintenance of the pool vacuum. Regular need for maintenance is an added cost. Check whether the vacuum you may be considering for purchase has any hidden complication that may require routine maintenance. The fewer the maintenance requirements, the cheaper and more convenient it will be to work with a certain vacuum.

In addition, the flexibility of the vacuum should also be considered. The ability of the pool vacuum to navigate steps adds to its efficiency in cleaning with requiring much control by the operator. Besides, a vacuum that can reach out sharp corners will be better placed as far as cleaning the pool is concerned. Similarly, some pools will work properly even in the presence of the pool covers. It thus makes the process simple.


In conclusion, cleaning of the pool should be a regular activity. They should ever be clean before people can use them. It is a sure way to reduce the chances of health hazards as well as the general safety of the pool users. Moreover, it helps in maintain the pool by giving it an elegant look. Thorough considerations should thus be made to ensure that the pool cleaning is done properly and efficiently.

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